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Audubon Girls Softball

Concession Stand

AGS Families –

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered in the past for our Snack Stand.  As we start the 2021 season we are in need of volunteers again, and WE CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOU!  Saturday, April 17 is OPENING DAY and there are many opportunities to help with the snack stand.

The Audubon Girls Softball Snack Stand is proudly run by volunteers and we need your help. Working in the snack stand is easy, super fun AND a great way to interact with the kids and families in town.  HERE IS THE LINK TO OUR SIGN UP GENIUS: 

We'd like to see every family volunteer 2x for each child in the program. Without volunteers the snack stand will not be able to open for games, so we appreciate your participation.  Just select a date/time you'd like to volunteer and sign up.

NOTE: The snack stand has the ability to take prepayments. If you would like to put money down for the season we will keep track of purchases and balance throughout the season. We encourage you to stop by the snack stand on opening day to set this up.
Money is non-refundable, so make sure to use it all before the season ends.

We greatly appreciate your help!
Sorry – No children under the age of 18 are permitted in the snack stand due to insurance reasons.