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Zero Tolerance Policy

To all Parent/Guardians:


We at Audubon Girls Softball are volunteers who provide you and your childrenwith an activity that should be fun.  Softball is only a game, and will notbring you or the children fame or fortune. This organization will only be as good as its participants, their parents/guardians and spectators. Remember, Audubon Girls Softball exists for our children.


It has become apparent throughout the country and here in Audubon that youth athletic organization participants, coaches and parents/guardians have displayed unacceptable and harmful behavior.  In some cases, this behavior
has resulted in either permanent injury or even death.


We regret that this has become necessary, but are sure you will agree that our organization must safeguard our children to the best of our ability.  The following sets forth specific league policy/rules governing the behavior of
all adults and children present at all Audubon Girls Softball games and practices, regardless of location.  All parents/guardians and spectators present at these events will be held accountable for not only their behavior, but for the behavior of their children and quests.  We ask that each of you read and acknowledge your understanding of the rules below. Audubon Girls Softball reserves the right to prohibit your child from playing or practicing if this Policy is not signed.


Audubon Girls Softball Policy

1.      Positive cheering and words of encouragement are acceptable and encouraged. Jeering, booing, hissing, taunting or any form of negative fan interaction is prohibited.

2.     Use of profane language is forbidden.

3.     Verbal, threatening and/or physical abuse in any form towards umpires, league officials, managers/coaches, players or spectators is prohibited.

4.     Throwing any object onto the field is prohibited.

5.     Animals of any kind within the complex are forbidden.

6.     Cooperation with, and amongst, umpires, league officials, mangers/coaches, players or spectators is expected.

7.     Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances is forbidden at games and practices.

8.     Persons under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances are prohibited from games and practices within the complex.

9.    No tobacco products may be used inside the complex.

10.  Respect for, and adherence, to all Audubon Girls Softball rules, policies and guidelines is expected

11.  Adults are expected to display role model sportsmanship at all times, regardless of actions of others.

12.  If a concern for a child’s well being arises, a parent/guardian should immediately contact one of Audubon Girls Softball’s executive board members.

13.  No children, other then Audubon Girls Softball player which will be supervised by a manager/coach, will be left unattended by parents/guardians.

14.  Audubon Girls Softball reserves the right to suspend and/or permanently ban any individual from attending any game as a spectator if the Zero Tolerance Policy is violated in any way. Also, a child may be suspended and/or banned from the league if this policy is violated and/or if a parent/guardian violates the Zero Tolerance Policy.


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